7th Aug - Langley Park

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Re: 7th Aug - Langley Park

Post by Lady Stonefly » Wed 08 Aug, 2018 8:08 pm

Mcgee9t2 wrote:
ad S wrote:
scottmcnicholas08 wrote:Hi All - it was great to meet everyone and we’ll definitely be along to future meets. I’ll Try to get some good photos on our trip to Spa.

BTW, how do I get hold of a LONE sticker for my car?
Helen keeps a stock and usually brings them to the pub meets

Didn’t know this, thought it was members with elite status only :D How much? Please could you bring one to the next meet for me Helen
We don't have elite members {lolz} will have plenty at the next meet they are £2 each and come in interior (sticky on the logo side) or exterior (sticky on the back) sorry to you too :oops:

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Re: 7th Aug - Langley Park

Post by ad S » Wed 08 Aug, 2018 9:07 pm

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