3rd July Langdon Beck

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Re: 3rd July Langdon Beck

Postby hauxleablaze » Wed 04 Jul, 2018 9:35 pm

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Re: 3rd July Langdon Beck

Postby silverlady » Fri 06 Jul, 2018 9:22 pm

Ricardo wrote:
KD88 wrote:I only took the lead so I wouldn't spoil the convoy, didn't think you'd follow me all the way.
I did nearly stop when you disappeared after the 2nd tractor however.

Yeah realised after I’d overshot there was little point as realised then which way you were going and it only added a few minutes

Erm yeah that wasn’t pleasant, it was a bit large and trailer on too, decided not to have an argument with it

Have to say the Northen groups' "spirited" drive home, lead by an ALFA, was tremendous!! That man in the Alfa could have been in his Elise - Nigel has MASSIVE BAHHHLLLsssssssss that is for sure! Top respect and effort, signs of a track pro for sure, that little thing went for it!! I had massive fun (trying to) keeping up, as did the rest of us.

As for that tractor, Luckily, when near the rear of a group, the front obstacles are easier spotted, but the dust cloud and panic I experienced were almost as bad, well handled everyone......

Great night out and an amazing (scamper-esque) night out...….I want MORE!! absolutely loved it. Thanks all for the night!

When's the next one?!?!? :fab
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