StoneAcre Durham

Authorised Service and Warranty Dealers for the North East of England and Scottish Borders.
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StoneAcre Durham

Post by mtm81 » Fri 22 Jul, 2016 9:31 am

ust popped into the lotus dealership at StoneAcre Durham for my MOT and a service. They've only been setup since the beginning of the year and it's a Suzuki and Kia dealership which they've just added Lotus to..
I've used Dan Jude in the past and Track Torque, but the durham place fits perfect for the places I have to visit clients so thought it was worth a try.

For £238 I got my MOT and an A service. Also got a little courtesy car and a valet..

For the inspection I got sent a little video outlining any issues they found I could select any I wanted doing online.. all in all very good.

Plus they have agreed to fit third party parts for me (it needs a new flexipipe and pads and discs which I've already bought).

And lastly (and best of all) I got to sit in the Evora 400 they have in the Exige 350Cup..

So from my personal point of view -I'm very happy with the service..

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Re: StoneAcre Durham

Post by ad S » Fri 22 Jul, 2016 12:42 pm

I have been in a couple of times and the salesmen were friendly but didnt really know the brand too well due to the fact they haven't been a dealer long.

I looked at a used v6 there and they priced me a new v6 and were despirate to part ex my exige. I was looking at spending a considerable amount of money there yet they didnt even contact me about the track evening at Teesside. Not great customer service if you ask me.

then the other week i phoned them regarding some warranty work on my car. Was told it would be £54 to inspect the car !!!! I told them i had been in touch with Lotus and it was warranty work and what it most probably was but he still insisted it was £54. After an infuriating phone call where the guy wouldnt listen to what i was telling him I eventually hung up and contacted Carlisle who set things into motion immediately.

Even though Durham is on my doorstep i wont be venturing there again.

Just my experience with the 'new dealer'