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Re: New Member in Morpeth

Postby Paynter17 » Tue 28 Feb, 2017 2:23 pm

aye that's me, you have my whole hearted condolences living next to Steve :lol:
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Re: New Member in Morpeth

Postby GlenC » Tue 28 Feb, 2017 5:08 pm

I'm away skiing with him for a week in 2 weeks time! :o
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Re: New Member in Morpeth

Postby Ricardo » Wed 01 Mar, 2017 2:37 pm

There is a European tour I've just seen on Facebook...looks like great fun..wish I had time to do that
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Re: New Member in Morpeth

Postby silverlady » Fri 03 Mar, 2017 9:10 pm

Welcome Glen, look forward to meeting you and the car on Tuesday!
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