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Embed videos

Post by Stonefly » Mon 28 May, 2012 4:20 pm

To embed a video from youtube simply press the handy button labelled "youtube" above the smilies and enter the unique video code inbetween the [*youtube] here [*/youtube].
The code is a series of numbers and letters after the http address
e.g. http:/ /youtu.be/-iTKk2QvqeY
The code is highlighted in red for the above example

The finished line to embed the video should read like this [*youtube]iTKk2QvqeY[/youtube*] but without the asterixs *

You should now be able to watch your glorious video once you submit (or preview your post)

You can also use the vimeo button in the same way as the youtube button to post videos from vimeo